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All About Laminitis

All About Laminitis

ISBN: 9780851316710

Author: Karen Coumbe

Publisher: J.A.Allen

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $14.99
Horsebooks Club: AUD $12.99
Laminitis is a widespread and increasingly common condition affecting ponies and horses. It shows itself as painful feet in which the pony tries to lean back and take the weight off its hooves onto its heels. This text explains about the different types of laminitis the signs to look out for and the vet's diagnosis. A section deals with the causes of the disease and why it occurs. The final chapter covers the treatment of chronic laminitis the specialist shoeing that can help and the surgical methods of treatment. There are notes on prognosis and the preventive methods that should be followed in order to prevent the disease reocurring.
Book Title: All About Laminitis
Publisher: J.A.Allen
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780851316710
Author: Karen Coumbe
Author Notes: Karen Coumbe studied at Girton College, Cambridge and qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1984. She worked for a while in a mixed practice but then has started to work solely with horses in 1989. Since then she has become a partner in a busy equine practice and, in her spare time, writes veterinary articles for Horse and Hound and their Pony Club magazine.
Availability: In Stock Australia
Condition: New

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