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Distant Skies: An American Journey on Horseback

Distant Skies: An American Journey on Horseback

ISBN: 9781570769603

Author: Melissa Chapman

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $45.00
Horsebooks Club: AUD $33.95

Melissa Chapman was 23 years old and part of a happy, healthy, loving family. She had a decent job, a boyfriend she cared about, and friends she enjoyed. Yet on the first of May in 1982, she said good-bye to all of it. Carrying a puppy named Gypsy, she climbed aboard a horse and rode away from everything, heading west. With no cell phone, no GPS, no support team or truck following with supplies, Chapman quickly learned that the reality of a cross-country horseback journey was quite different from the fantasy. Her solo adventure would immediately test her mental, physical, and emotional resources as she and her four-legged companions were forced to adapt to the dangers and loneliness of a trek that would span over 2600 miles, beginning in New York State and reaching its end on the other side of the country, in California. Enchanted by the freedom a nomadic life seemed to promise, the young woman would soon find herself only more deeply connected…to the animals that accompanied her, to the varying and challenging landscapes through which she traveled, and to the people she met on the farms and back roads that crisscross the United States. Her tale is part American road trip, part coming-of-age story, and part ode to the horse—a remarkable memoir that explores the evolution of the human-animal relationship, along with the raw beauty of a life lived outdoors.

Book Title: Distant Skies: An American Journey on Horseback
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 376
ISBN: 9781570769603
Author: Melissa Chapman
Author Notes: Melissa A. Priblo Chapman is a freelance writer who has had work published in magazines including The Western Horse, Good Dog!, and Doggone. Her story “Gypsy, Cross-Country Dog” appears in the book Traveler’s Tales: A Dog’s World alongside the work of such renowned authors as John Steinbeck and Gary Paulson. Chapman has been a paid speaker to over 100 organizations in regard to her solo cross-country trip and is a member of the Long Riders Guild, a worldwide league of equestrian adventurers. Chapman is a married mother of four and lives in Upstate New York. She rides every day and continues to share life with her horses and dogs.
Further Title Description: An American Journey on Horseback
Condition: New

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