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Jane Savoie's Dressage Between Jumps

Jane Savoie's Dressage Between Jumps

ISBN: 9781570769283

Author: Jane Savoie

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $59.95
Horsebooks Club: AUD $45.00

Jane Savoie’s books have changed the way people ride. She was the first to promote mental training tools and techniques as integral to competitive riding success, and her cross-training concepts for the horse—how to use dressage fundamentals for every equestrian sport&mcash;have been called “not just a read, but a must read for every hunter-jumper rider” by George Morris, former Chef d’Equipe of the US Show Jumping Team. Now Savoie has created a book specifically for equestrian sports with a jumping component—hunter, jumper, equitation, and eventing. In Dressage Between the Jumps, she breaks down the six most common problem areas she sees when horses jump: “whoa” and “go;” rhythm; suppleness through the poll, neck, body, back, and hindquarters; contact and connection; collection; and flying changes. Then she fills the rider’s toolbox with targeted exercises on the flat—simple solutions to the nagging problems that prevent riders and horses from doing their best over all kinds of obstacles. Her excellent lessons gradually incorporate ground poles and low fences to build skills without stressing the horse’s body. Throughout, top riders share their own stories and insight, demonstrating numerous ways dressage exercises helped solve real problems over fences. With incredible clarity and her trademark enthusiasm, Savoie arms readers with knowledge, confidence, and problem-solving prowess that will result not only in clear rounds, but a happier horse, ready and willing to perform in partnership.

Book Title: Jane Savoie's Dressage Between Jumps
ISBN: 9781570769283
Author: Jane Savoie
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
Format: Paperback
Author Notes: Jane Savoie is one of the most recognized names in the equine industry and for good reason. Her accomplishments and the breadth of her influence are impressive. As a dressage rider, she was a member of the United States Equestrian Team, competing internationally, including a position as the reserve rider for the bronze-medal-winning team at the 1992 Olympics. Savoie was the dressage coach for the Canadian 3-Day Event Team at the 1996 and 2004 Olympics, and coached a number of dressage and event riders at the 2000 Olympics. She is the author of many bestselling books and video programs on riding, training, and sport psychology, and is a popular motivational speaker. Savoie splits her time between Vermont and Florida.
Further Title Description: The Secret to Improving Your Horse's Performance Over Fences
Number of Pages: 192

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