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Riding for Kids

Riding for Kids

ISBN: 9781580175104

Author: Judy Richter

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $22.99
Horsebooks Club: AUD $17.00

Riding for Kids is a complete learn-to-ride program in a book, focusing on English riding. More than 150 full-color photographs guide the young rider from tacking up for the first time to riding on the flat to taking the first jump. Using a variety of young riders as models, Richter demonstrates correct position, balance, and aids. Throughout, a logical lesson plan, clear explanations, and safe practices maximize the youngster's success. Readers will learn about daily care, preparing for lessons, going to horse shows, and how to pursue further activities. Richter believes every horse is unique, and she shares her insights to help the young rider communicate most effectively with the animal. Best of all, Richter writes directly to the child (although she includes an initial Note to Parents). Her audience is older elementary-age children, preteens, and early teenagers -- the age group that is most passionate about horses and most eager to learn to ride well. Whether the child dreams of competing in the show ring or wants simply to ride for pleasure, Riding for Kids will help her or him become an able, aware, knowledgeable horse person.

Book Title: Riding for Kids
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781580175104
Author: Judy Richter
Author Notes:
When Olympic Gold Medalist William Steinkraus wanted his sons to learn to ride, he took them to Judy Richter. It was Judy Richter who matched Norman Dello Joio with the right horse and sent them on to the highest levels of Grand Prix. Equestrians describe Richter as a "quiet giant" who they say is at the core of what's happening in the horse world.
Condition: New

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