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A Road Safety Workbook for Young Riders

A Road Safety Workbook for Young Riders

ISBN: 9780851318813

Author: Caroline Akrill & Anne Pilgrim

Publisher: J.A.Allen

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $24.95
New Year Sale!: AUD $24.95
On average there is an equestrian accident on the roads every single hour of every single day. In order to be a survivor rather than a statistic a sound knowledge of road safety matters is essential. Aimed at young riders this book covers everything from safety helmets and reflective clothing for both pony and rider to safe saddlery checks and essential insurance. The intricacies of the highway code are explained and problems such as poor visibility icy roads unusual vehicles barking dogs and off-roaders are also included. There is sensible advice on bridleway lore stranger strategy and accident procedure all presented in an entertaining style and accompanied by Anne Pilgrim's delightful cartoons. Puzzles and quizzes appear at the end of every chapter reminding and reinforcing the points made throughout and the result is a valuable and enjoyable book albeit with a very serious purpose.
Book Title: A Road Safety Workbook for Young Riders
Publisher: J.A.Allen
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 112
ISBN: 9780851318813
Author: Caroline Akrill & Anne Pilgrim
Author Notes: Anne Pilgrim is a well-known equestrian illustrator and her cartoons have enlivened many previous books.
Further Title Description: The road is not a peaceful place to ride. Every time we venture out with our ponies, we encounter hazards and obstacles and it is vital that we do everything we can to keep ourselves and our ponies safe. In this book you will find really useful information on the rules of the road, and loads of advice on exploring the countryside safely and on handling any difficult situations you may find yourself in. And with quizzes and puzzles throughout the book, you'll find that learning about safety can be fun too!

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