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Judging Carriage Driving

Price: AUD $24.95 inc GST
Judging Carriage Driving
Drawing on her vast experience as an international judge of carriage driving the author explains the judging procedures of every class including carts coaches mountain and moorland donkeys junior whips disabled drivers and horse driving trials.

Publisher: J.A.Allen
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Author: Sallie Walrond
Author Notes: Sallie Walrond L.H.H.I. is an international carriage driving judge who, since the age of nine, has been involved in many fields of equitation. Mrs. Walrond is a Council Member, Judge, Examiner and instructor for the British Driving Society, and is an Honorary Member of several driving societies in America, Australia and New Zealand where, in addition to the UK and Europe, she has judged, demonstrated and lectured. In 1991 she was awarded The British Driving Society Medal of Honour for services to carriage driving.
Further Title Description: Drawing on her vast experience, Sallie Walrond has written a handbook that will be of inestimable and universal interest to all those involved with carriage driving, be they judges, competitors or spectators. Starting with the judging procedure the author then systematically explains the judging of every conceivable class including carts, coaches, mountain and moorland, donkeys, junior Whips, disabled drivers and horse driving trials. The judging systems of the US, Australia and NZ are also covered. With Judging Carriage Driving Sallie has produced a book that will undoubtedly further the interest and understanding of every driving enthusiast.

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