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The Truth about Horses (Australian Title)

The Truth about Horses (Australian Title)

ISBN: 9780958109833

Author: Dr Andrew McLean

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $59.95
Horsebooks Club: AUD $51.99
International best seller and a distillation of Andrew McLean's PhD thesis. This is a book that reveals the huge potential offered by the use of behavioural scinces in training horses. Adopting these principals dramaticaly increases the number of horses that are able to effectively learn what we intend to teach them no matter what the discipline.

The book begins by examining our complex historical interaction with the horse explaning our largely misplaced expectations of it's mentality and their dire consequences. The Truth About Horses  explains how we can improve the trained horse's welfare by constructing a much clearer training model.

Written in a narrative style this book details in-hand and under-saddle training as well as re-training. The chapter on conflict behaviour represents the first time that a scientificaly valid explanation of problem behaviours in horses has been written for the understanding of the general public. 

Book Title: The Truth about Horses (Australian Title)
ISBN: 9780958109833
Author: Dr Andrew McLean
Publisher: Australian Equine Behavioural Centre
Format: Paperback
Author Notes: My specialist academic areas are Animal Mentality and Horse Training Psychology. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree (with double major in zoology including animal behaviour) and Diploma of Education from the University of Tasmania. I represented Australia in eventing (Three Day Event) in 1989. I have won many events at both state and national level in dressage and eventing including Australia's most prestigious horse trial, the Gawler Three Day Event. I represented Victoria in dressage in 1988. In 1995 I coached the Indian equestrian team in the Asia Pacific Games to win the bronze medal. I gave lectures and demonstrated the psychology of training horses at EQUITANA 1999. I have written extensively in equestrian magazines on the psychology and training of horses since 1994.

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