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The Natural Trim

The Natural Trim

ISBN: 9780984839902

Author: Jaime Jackson

Publisher: Jack Lawrence

Format: Hardcover

Price: AUD $79.95
Horsebooks Club: AUD $59.95
“Ignore conflicting, harmful advice and let nature be your guide. Use the world’s most expert, safe and precise instruction for all horses, all breeds, all ages, and all disciplines- regardless of the current condition of their feet!”

Using the tough, polished-looking hooves of the Great Basin mustang as the picture perfect model of health and soundness, wild horse expert and veteran hoof care professional, Jaime Jackson, discovered he could consistently stimulate natural growth patterns in the hooves of domestic horses simply by mimicking the natural wear patterns of these wild, free-roaming equines.

Rooted in the fundamental laws of nature, these Guidelines use elements of math, sciences, art and quantum physics to provide exact trimming and measuring instructions- and get excellent results!

These Guidelines are vased upon field observations and measureing data gathered during Jackson’s original four-year study of wild horses, first referenced in his 1992 landmark book, “The Natural Horse: Lessons form the Wild”.

Includes detailed instructions for:

• Identifying and mimicking key natural wear patterns to generate naturally shaped hooves.
• Never “soring” or over-trimming any hoof.
• Why a corrective trim---isn’t!
• Trimming in harmony with a horse’s natural breakover, conformation and gaits.
• Trimming laminitic hooves or a club foot.
• Activating key structures to stimulate growth in over-shortened or ‘invaded’ hoof capsules.
• Restoring “run under” and “slipper toe” hooves to their natural shapes and angles.
• Taking precise angle and length measurements.

As an accompaniment to The Natural Trim, also available is The Hoof Meter Reader - The world’s most accurate and useful hoof guage!
Book Title: The Natural Trim
ISBN: 9780984839902
Author: Jaime Jackson
Publisher: Jack Lawrence
Format: Hardcover
Author Notes:
Jaime Jackson is universally credited with having started the modern day ‘barefoot movement’ and continues to lead the way as the noted expert on both domestic and wild horse hooves. He is the Executive Director of the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices).
Further Title Description:
Natural Hoof Care (NHC) encourages a sound, healthy and rugged hoof to grow from the inside out. The natural trim, when combined with other elements of NHC are together, your best defense against unnatural conditions such as Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis, Slipper Toe, Seedy Toe, WLD, Club Foot, EMS, Colic, Fescue Foot, Pasture Foot, Wry Foot, and other pathologies and symptoms.
Condition: New

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