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Whole Heart, Whole Horse

Whole Heart, Whole Horse

ISBN: 9781628737226

Author: Mark Rashid

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $39.95
Horsebooks Club: AUD $29.95

Many horse trainers even those who espouse the so-called natural horsemanship approach take the posi-tion that horses who fail to obey a human's request are doing so as much out of perversity as ignorance. That's not Mark Rashid's view. In his words "If we understand that horses can't separate the way they feel from the way they act then we can start to see that unwanted behavior isn't bad behavior at all. More times than not it's just the horse expressing the way he feels at that particular moment in time. . . .How we perceive that information dictates how we respond to it."

Whole Heart Whole Horse focuses on this idea covering such subjects as gathering information from the horse turning rider/trainer mistakes into positive experiences developing realistic boundaries between you and your horse understanding how and why horses release energy from real or perceived trau-mas and reaching a comfortable balance point between horse and rider. Rashid analyzes developing softness consistency dependability trust and peace of mind in both horses and humans as well as how to become a leader whom your horse will willingly want to follow and work with.

Full of examples that extend beyond the training pen Whole Heart Whole Horse offers good sense and information that will make you a more astute capable and sensitive horseman-and person.

Book Title: Whole Heart, Whole Horse
ISBN: 9781628737226
Author: Mark Rashid
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Format: Paperback
Author Notes: Mark Rashid is an author and horse trainer. His books, such as Whole Heart, Whole Horse, follow his training philosophy, which is to find training solutions by considering the horse's point of view. He lives in Estes Park, Colorado.
Condition: New
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