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Frederiksborger & Knabstrupper: Royal Danois

Frederiksborger & Knabstrupper: Royal Danois

ISBN: 9780857880246

Author: Bent Branderup

Format: Hardcover

Price: AUD $79.95
Horsebooks Club: AUD $59.95

The Frederiksborger, one of the oldest breeds of Baroque horse, and the Knabstrupper that later evolved from it are both under threat of extinction, but have been rediscovered in recent years by many leisure riders. Bent Branderup, who has been concerned for years with preserving both breeds, tells exciting and entertaining tales from the history of these horses and goes into detail about the stallion and mare lines that still exist today, to give readers a clear understanding of the linage of today’s horses. Bent Branderup also deals with the nature and uses of the breeds, giving plenty of practical advice for owners of these horses. He does not want to just present facts, but to bring the spirit of the breed alive and make it tangible for the reader.

From the contents

  • Development from the early period, through the Viking Age and into the Middle Ages
  • Frederik II, namesake of the palace and the breed, and the Renaissance Baroque, Rosenborg pictures, Coureur
  • Outline of the history until 1914; 1914-2014, modern history, use in agriculture and sport
  • Superbe 1683 - Bäveren 1782 - Fläbehengst 1813 stallion line
  • Mignon 1690 - Regulus stallion line
  • Zarif 1854 stallion line
  • Stallion line of Knabstrup mares Lotte / Tulle 1924
  • Hoppe von Frederiksborg mare line, Hoppe efter Frode mare line, Hoppe efter, Kulsvieren mare line, Military horse mare line, Agricultural horse mare line


Book Title: Frederiksborger & Knabstrupper: Royal Danois
ISBN: 9780857880246
Author: Bent Branderup
Publisher: Cadmos Publishing
Format: Hardcover
Author Notes: Bent Branderup has been involved with breeding and, especially, working with Frederiksborger and Knabstrupper for years. He has his own, highly trained horses of these breeds and also supports many of his pupils in working with their “royal Danish horses”, following the principles of the Academic Art of Riding. He lives on his farm in Denmark with his horses, where he devotes himself to training his horses and researching the Old Masters.
Number of Pages: 128

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