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Sporting Horse: In Pursuit of Equine Excellence

Sporting Horse: In Pursuit of Equine Excellence

ISBN: 9781781317839

Author: Nicola Jane Swinney and Bob Langrish

Publisher: Quarto

Format: Hardcover

Price: AUD $49.99


Stunning photographs from a unique personal archive which reveal horse and rider working together in perfect harmony to achieve sporting excellence.

Exhibiting grace and poise as they master the intricate movements of dressage; galloping like the wind at more than thirty miles per hour; soaring over huge competition fences; running tirelessly across every type of terrain – horses are simply stunning athletes. Naturally fleet of foot, they have strength, stamina and intelligence to match. We ask a great deal of these amazing creatures when we ride them in competition, and our horses always deliver.

The Sporting Horse is a glorious celebration of the athletic abilities of these beautiful animals, and the unique relationship that has evolved between horse and rider. Working side-by-side for centuries, horse and man have achieved a lasting synergy – and nowhere is that more evident than in the sporting arena.

Taking each of the four key sporting characteristics – athleticism, speed, agility and endurance – veteran journalist Nicola Swinney explores how hundreds of years of selective breeding and careful training have developed and refined the horse’s natural ability to perform a diverse range of sporting pursuits. From dressage to polo, snow sports to carriage driving, steeple chasing to barrel racing, the book reveals how horse and rider work as one to achieve sporting excellence.
Book Title: Sporting Horse: In Pursuit of Equine Excellence
Publisher: Quarto
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781781317839
Author: Nicola Jane Swinney and Bob Langrish
Author Notes: Nicola Swinney has loved horses for as long as she can remember. Having trained as a newspaper journalist, she applied for a post on the equestrian bible, Horse & Hound, where she spent many years as Hunting and Shows editor. Nicola is no longer able to ride due to a back injury, so she gets her equestrian fix through writing about her favourite subjects. She has over 10k followers on Twitter.
Bob Langrish, MBE, is one of the world’s leading equestrian photographers. After forty-six years of specialization in this field, he has built a library of more than 750,000 pictures. Bob works for top equestrian magazines in some twenty countries around the world, and has provided illustrations for more than 150 books.

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