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Riding with Franklin Balls (DVD)

Riding with Franklin Balls (DVD)

ISBN: 9783954990719

Author: Eckart Meyners & Sibylle Wiemer

Publisher: Pferdia

Format: DVD

Price: AUD $39.95

Equestrians have discovered the Franklin® method for themselves. The air or water-filled, plastic balls and rolls were developed for self-message and fascia training, but are also ideal for helping riders to discover new flexibility and suppleness, easing tension and blockages and helping to correct the position. The balls and rolls are positioned under the seat, thighs or arms. This film shows what you can achieve with Franklin balls and how to ride with them.

“If I am more flexible then my horse can move better too.” Riding with Franklin® balls for the first time is both surprising and memorable. Six riders tried out the Franklin® balls and described their experiences for this film. Sports educator Eckart Meyners and riding instructor Sibylle Wiemer assist the riders in this experiment and explain the function, effect and how to use the five different balls and rolls.

In this film, you will learn: 


  • How and where Franklin® balls affect the rider’s body
  • Why sitting on the roll improves the seat
  • How balls under the arms change the rider’s rein contact
  • Why balls under the thighs influence the aids and…
  • How horses respond to the rider's increased freedom of movement
Book Title: Riding with Franklin Balls (DVD)
Publisher: Pferdia
Format: DVD
Number of Pages: Run Time: 57 Minutes
ISBN: 9783954990719
Author: Eckart Meyners & Sibylle Wiemer
Author Notes: Sports educator and movement expert Eckart Meyners has been integrating body and movement training into riding lessons for more than three decades. He explains the science behind the effect of Franklin® balls on the rider’s seat. Sibylle Wiemer is a qualified teacher, level “A” riding instructor under the German Equestrian Federation (FN) and an instructor for therapeutic riding and riding for health. She has tested out Franklin balls with many hundreds of pupils and is convinced of their beneficial effect on the seat and aids.

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